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It has been said that spending 45 minutes in the salt cave is the equivalent of approximately 2 full days at the ocean!

Breathing this salt in acts like a toothbrush and goes in and cleans the respiratory system. It is great for asthma, allergies, sinus, COPD, post Covid, coughing, headaches. The Salt Cave is great for the skin, eczema and psoriasis and so much more. Himalayan salt is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory antifungal and has viral properties.

Come relax in our antigravity chairs, while listening to soothing sounds of nature. Let your mind drift off as the stress of the day releases from your body and mind. As you rest, your body interacts with the salt that surrounds you providing your body with the support it needs in that moment. After your session is over, leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. We’ve created this oasis for you, rich with negative ions, providing the ideal micro climate.


Reduce tension, stress and relieve pain during our all natural therapies

Cave Salty Packages

Get Salted (5) sessions $220

$240 Value

Salt Up (10) sessions $380

$480 Value

Serenity (20) sessions $580

$960 Value

One adult halotherapy session in the cave 45 minutes - $48

Elite Private Room Packages

The Zen (5) sessions $192

$245 value

Just Breath (10) sessions $333

$490 value

Luxe Escape (20) sessions $489

$980 value

Elite Private room for 1 or 2 -$49

Monthly Passes

Feet Soaked in Water

The Big Himalayan (The Cave 6 sessions a week ) adult $249

value $1,152

Little Himalayan ( The Cave 6 sessions a week) 12 & under $125

Value $600

Elite Retreat ( private room 6 sessions a week) $299

Value $1176

One child session 12 and under. In the cave with an adult purchase $25

Monthly Memberships

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Platinum Cave

$179 + Add a family member $20

Includes up to two visits a day, 2 free guest pass per month, 15% off retail, loyalty rewards after 6 months and 12 months.

Halo (Elite private room) $199.

Includes two person membership, up to 2 sessions daily, 20% off retail, loyalty rewards after 6 months in 12 months

Yearly Salt Cave Membership One payment $1248.

One 45 Minute Salt Cave Session Per Week

Value $2,496.

Green Leaf Cutout

Salt Cave Facts

The Himalayan Salt Cave salt comes from an ancient seabed in Pakistan, 350 feet underground.

Himalayan salt contains 84 trace minerals.

The salt cave is built from 12,000 pounds of Himalayan salt rocks and small pieces of salt on the floor.

The mineral name for salt is Halite, which is why salt therapy is called Halotherapy.

People originally sat in chairs or layed in beds in salt mines and caves for therapeutic purposes in many countries including Poland, Russia, Belarus, Romania, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Slovakia, and Ukraine.

Salt cave therapy, also known as halotherapy, has existed for centuries.

Halotherapy dates back to the early 1800s when salt miners collected salt in natural caves, inhaled salt particles, and enjoyed salt’s health benefits.

Unlike other miners who inhaled coal dust and got sick, they were thriving. They had solid and resilient lungs and bright, young-looking skin.

This phenomenon caught the interest of passionate physicians, who began studying the effects of salt on people. Over time, they discovered the many benefits of salt, including improving skin and organ function.

These studies helped the commercialization of salt caves and halotherapy for improving mental and physical wellness.

Clinical trials have provided evidence that regular halotherapy sessions have a detoxification effect on our bodies, which further amounts to improvements in various respiratory conditions, boosts our immune systems, promotes longevity, healing, and well being.


Reduce tension, stress and relieve pain during our amazing massages

Seeded Eucalyptus and Lemon Leaves

Swedish massage 30 minutes $45 / 60 minutes $80

Deep tissue massage 30 minutes $50 / 60 minutes $100

Cupping and massage 30 minutes $75 / 60 minutes 120

The Deluxe

Massages in the Salt Cave

45 min massage inside the Salt Cave.

Healing the body from the inside out, you will relax and breathe easily in this Zen-like salt environment. Breathe in the salt air and refresh the lungs with this clarifying treatment, which provides a great place to unwind and meditate. All of it while receiving a relaxing Swedish or Deep tissue massage. Private experience, salt cave closed to the public.

Price starting at $196

Couples massage in the cave starting at $350


We have a beautiful inventory of 100% Himalayan salt lamps in various sizes and shapes Himalayan salt bath products, Sole jars ( edible salt) all natural soaps, bath bombs, essential oils, candles, health and wellness, such as Elderberry, herbal teas, and Sea Moss & so much more

Soy Wax Candles, Assorted Handmade Aroma Candles
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Great for gifts for the holidays and special occasions.

We offer gift cards and gift certificates. The value of the gift certificates expires one year from the date of purchase. Must be present to redeem. It cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. NO refunds.

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the Salt Cave

for...Team meetings, Birthday celebrations, Meditation groups, Bible studies, Bridal Or Baby showers. Whether it's casual or business you will leave feeling refreshed!

Seeded Eucalyptus and Lemon Leaves
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Discounts for our Hero’s

First responders, Military, Teachers and Seniors 65 and up.

*Does not apply to memberships


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When to arrive? Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment time. Appointments run on the hour every hour. No entry is allowed into the cave once a session starts. If you are going to be late, you will need to reschedule.

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What to wear? You need to bring clean white socks to wear into the cave to preserve the purity of the salt. If you forget we have disposable foot coverings for you to wear. You should wear comfortable clothing, salt air is not harmful, nor will it leave a noticeable residue. The temperature, and the humidity in the rooms are controlled to provide an optimal experience. The cave is usually around 68° as our bodies relax our bodies cool, so we provide plush blankets to keep you cozy.

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What not to bring in the cave? Cell phones, tablets and electronics are not allowed as being exposed to the salt can be corrosive. Please keep your valuables in your vehicles or we have lockers for you. If you want to take a glass of lemon / cucumber water or wine in we have adult sippy cups for purchase.

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Guests who are going into the salt cave should consult their own physician prior to the beginning of any sessions especially if they are pregnant or have any other type of health conditions including but not limited to hyperthyroidism, cancer, tuberculosis, and claustrophobia.

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Children can not be left unsupervised in the waiting room or salt cave.

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How many sessions does it take? Like many wellness and health regimens people respond differently. Many people will notice a positive affect in just one session however, a series of sessions is recommended for optimal results. Some people come 2/3 times a week for a 3 to 4 week ritual during allergy and cold season. Some people come 2 times a week for 6 to 8 weeks for some chronic conditions. Those who come for General wellness, stress, relief, and relaxation simply come as often as they like for many conditions after a series of sessions, symptoms, subside, and relief can last for several months before another session is needed. It can also be used as a preventative measure to strengthen the immune system against cold, cough, allergies, and sinuses. You cannot overdose from Salt Therapy. Disclaimer while there are many clinical and scientific studies conducted a Dry Salt Therapy quotations haylotherapy throughout the world. The FDA has not evaluated. The statements made throughout this material content or website, etc. dry salt therapy is not intended to diagnose treat, cure or prevent any disease

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Tina Kilburn

Tina was born and raised near the beach, she always loved being at the beach , in the ocean.. being near and around the salt water is her passion so learning about Himalayan salt being the next best thing to being at the beach for your health and wellness made this dream and plan a go.

As a retired hair-designer, Tina absolutely loved being in the spa industry she loved helping people feel better, look better, feel younger, and to feel their best. So when this salt cave was a thought… It became a dream and with the help of my children, we decided to not wait for the opportunity but to create it. It was 6 months of a lot of work, hard work. My son and my brother helped tremendously and my husband helped when he could. Halotherapy is an all natural therapy. It’s called Dry Salt Therapy. After doing much research on Himalayan salt, I knew this was it. Himalayan salt has 84 trace minerals, with so many healing properties. The benefits of Himalayan salt are absolutely incredible so I knew if I could take this idea and make it happen I knew that we would be a blessing to this Community. We are committed to helping people feel better, breathe easier and truly relax. And rejuvenate. We are an active salt cave and room which means that we have a generator that pumps in pharmaceutical grade salt as you sit in the room you just relax and breathe. The salt is ground up so fine you cannot see it or feel it. We put a pharmaceutical grade salt in a halo generator to fill the room with salt particles for easy inhalation. This is a very natural and grounding experience, similar effects of breathing in the salt air at the beach.

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